Friday, January 14, 2011


Carter is working on cutting his third molar. He is really a trooper about it. He must have a high pain tolerance like both David and I. He doesn't cry at all. I have to feel in his mouth to find these teeth. Not too hard since Carter LOVES to have his teeth brushed. Ever since he was little he has loved my Sonicare. I don't brush him regularly with a Sonicare, we use a little finger brush. But he gets super excited when I tell him we have to brush his teeth. It will stop a fit in its tracks.

I caught him doing this a week ago:

He is trying to put on his own shoe!! So smart that he knows how to do that. He can't actually do it, but he knows the process.

He loves to open and close doors. He usually gets them open again. At one point he closed it all the way. As soon as he heard the door latch, he reached up for the knob and tried to turn it. He didn't even bother scraping at the door to pry it open with his fingers. He knew that would not open the door, so he didn't try. He is so close to opening the doors by the knobs. David said he was able to get into the office the other day by turning the knob. That child is so committed to getting the computer mouse it is not even funny. He already opens the doors at Lydia's house. They don't have the round knobs, they have more handle like knobs. He opens them easily. It is a lot more work when they can open doors!!!

He was also really loving on Lydia that day. He just wanted to snuggle with her. He would put his arms around her and snuggle his head in her neck. She didn't like that one bit. She struggled a lot. At one point he had knocked her down, and got down on top of her with a hug.

Carter is getting really good with his walking. I took this video on Sunday of him walking around. Notice he does most things with his left hand. He is very left hand dominant at this point in his life. It may change. I read that children don't pick a hand preference until Kindergarten or so.

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