Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Little Things

My child loves to wash his hands with soap under the faucet with running water. He also loves to put lotion on. If you squirt lotion on his hands, he will rub it in like an adult would. Scary huh? It actually comes in handy because we wash his hands so much, they get very dry. But what do you do when they are feeding themselves? Let them rub their sticky hands all over everything? I would rather train him to wash his own hands and put on his own lotion. I am pretty sure that my 16 month old has learned a life skill that he will need for the rest of his life!

He has been saying his new phrase "Oh Man" all day long. It has replaced "Oh Wow" and "Weeeeeee weee weee Weeeeeeeeee" as his most said things. I really need to get them on video, but he shies away from the camera.

This video here was a lot longer, but I shortened it so you didn't have to wait for him to get over being shy.

In case you are wondering. David built this apparatus in the garage. It is made from some steel beams, a very expensive racing seat (it still has the tracks on it to be bolted in an actual car), and some video game equipment he bought at the Fry's Electronics. Carter thinks it is pretty cool, and enjoys pretending to make car noises in it.

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