Saturday, January 8, 2011

Salt Lake City

We took a few hours to walk around Temple Square during the day, and drive around the city. Carter was such a trooper. He didn't complain much.
This is a model of what Jerusalem is estimated to look like at the time of Christ. It is very intricate!!
This is the place we got our picture taken. I bet every bridal party gets their picture taken here. We could see 7 couples during the time we were waiting for our picture - not all of them had made it here yet, but they were working their way to this point. It is like clockwork how they do it. On busy days, they have lines at all the different picture taking spots.

We drove around the city looking at all the old houses on Capital Hill. David saw this before I did. Pretty cool:

This was by far my favorite house. There is a garage in the back yard, and you drive through the house to get there. I love it! My dream home. Minus the two stories and all - I'm not a big fan of stairs.

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