Monday, October 24, 2011


So, at the end of his second year of life, Carter can identify 11 makes of car: Subaru, Saturn or "Scion", Chevrolet or "Chawy", Toyota or "Toyoya", Audi (not pictured in the video), Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda,  and he can tell the difference between Honda & Hyundai - a feat most adults struggle with.

I had printed this paper up because I was getting tired of a toddler trying to run away from me to get to the parking lot just to see the emblems. He LOVES to practise on it.

He loves to tell me who drives what. For example, he told me at breakfast this morning that Melissa at our Chiropractor drives a Kia. He can also tell you what the doctors in the office drive.

What a crazy kid.

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