Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Northwest Trek

David suggested that I go and visit my sister in Utah. He sent me without Carter. So, for an entire week David got Carter ready every day, made his meals, prepared his diaper bag, and wore him out, in addition to going to work. I have some great friends who watched Carter while I was out of town.

While I was gone, Carter got to go to Northwest Trek with Lydia.

From what I hear, this was a quick posed shot. All he really wanted to do was move those chairs around. He does love to move chairs around!

I wish I'd gotten to be there to share this with him, but I am happy he had the opportunity to go. I am also thankful for Lydia's mom who takes pictures for me when I can't be there. She understands how it is to want to be there to enjoy your child enjoying life. 

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