Sunday, October 9, 2011

What are these pigs doing?

Carter has this cute book: "Busy Piggies". Every page has piggies doing something. I opened to this page, and Carter had a very unexpected answer. See bottom for his answer.

Today was the hardest time I've ever had sitting through church with Carter. In our service we have a portion where we take the Sacrament - bread and water (similar to the Catholic church's communion - except we do it every Sunday and in a different way).

Some parents give their very young child the bread and the water. I believe that we should wait until the child is old enough to understand what is going on - that way it will mean something. I don't want my children going through the motions with no meaning to them.

David is afraid that if we withhold it from them if they ask, they will resent it. We decided that we would wait until Carter was old enough to ask for the Sacrament, and I would try to explain it to him.

So far, we have been able distract him during the Sacrament and it hasn't been an issue. Well, he stayed with a friend of mine for the weekend a few weeks back while David and I were out of town and she didn't know. So, he got to taste the bread and drink the water from the little cup. Now he wants it. We were not expecting the screaming. "I want some! I want some!" over and over. When it came down our pew and the pew behind us it was the worst. After it was gone, he forgot about it.

I had a friend come up to me after church and tell me that Carter really reminded her how we should all have such a desire to take the Sacrament. She said it made her think "Do I want it that bad?". All the more justifying my thinking of going through the motions without much meaning. However, it was nice to know that my child's fit today gave someone meaning to their Sunday service.

So, the piggies. I asked Carter what the piggies were doing, expecting him to say "running". He said they were following the prophet! How cute is that?

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