Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playgroups & Bed Time

We keep pretty busy with playgroups. There is not a day on the calendar without a playgroup of some sort. Carter seems pretty well socialized because of it. That and he is a pretty easy going kid. (As you can tell in the end of the video when a little girl sits down and picks up the same toys that he just had in his hand. He didn't freak out, or even try to stop her.)

There is an awesome playgroup that we go to every week. They have a trampoline, blocks, trains, cars, puzzles, pillows, a slide, dress up stuff, a kitchen with food. . . They also have a tactile activity, a craft, and story/music/bubble time.

Carter gets a name tag, which is the highlight of the week. He talks about his name tag all the time.

Today he discovered the baby dolls. He usually just brushes past the "Girly" stuff, but today he was very interested. In the video I asked him if his baby needed a drink because he was feeding the baby earlier and I loved how he made the sucking sound for his baby. It is kind of hard to hear in the video so I wanted to point it out. Also, you might not understand what he is searching for in the basket. He said "I need a puck", which translates to: pacifier or binky. We call it a plug. I can tell when he's really tired, he will ask for his plug. Before I shot the video, he was looking for the baby's plug and blanket to tell the baby to go to bed.

I didn't lead him to any of the play in this video, I have a very hands off approach. You learn who they are when you let them lead the way. If I was constantly pushing cars on him, I may never know his talent for kicking a soccer ball.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

On the subject of bed time. Carter seems obsessed with bed time. I find him putting his toys to "Nigh Night" all over the house. . . 

. . .and sometimes yelling at them. I have been known to tell him some of the things he tells his toys - like no grape juice right before bed, or in bed - but I have never yelled it at him about it. Especially not like this:


Quirky Kid.

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