Friday, October 28, 2011

You are a Child of God too!!

This morning as I was changing Carter's diaper, he was singing Itsy-Bitsy Spider. He loves to sing. He stops and looks at me like he just figured something out. He says "Mommy a child of God!" then he says "Daddy a child of God!" and he finished by saying "Baby Carter a child of God TOO!!". He was so excited to learn this about himself and about us. Some people don't figure that out until they are adults. It is so nice to know that my child has that knowledge about himself at 25 months old!

What is a blog post without a picture right?? I am really excited for this new car seat cover that I traded with my cousin Deborah for. Carter got these new glasses from the bank when he made a deposit of the birthday money he got from all of his family and friends. The whole ride home he was in the back seat exclaiming "Glasses on LIKE DADDY! Hat on LIKE DADDY!!" He was so excited to be just like daddy. I am so grateful for a husband and father who is such a great role model for our child!!!

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