Monday, October 17, 2011

Our friend Ember

While in Arizona, we got to play with another little girl who was born around the same time as Carter. She was a little over 2 weeks younger than him. Ember is so much further in her development of verbal skills. Carter can talk, and he talks well. But Ember narrates. She narrates everything she and everyone else is doing. It is so cute.

(Daddy did her hair on this day - what a great daddy)

We had a lot of fun playing and eating dinner.

We went out to ice cream (sorbet for Carter) afterwards. All he wanted to do was watch football on TV - his new thing. Ember put up with his boyness and willingly followed him to the neighboring Pizza place to eat our dessert in full view of football. What a trooper.

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  1. Thanks for recording this for posterity. I am still kicking myself that I didn't even pull out my camera while you were here. I wish you got to visit more often, but it was fun to see you.