Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Friend Braelynn

One of my friends who was pregnant the same time I was had her baby about 3 weeks after I did. Braelynn.

We got together with them on Braelynn's birthday to go to the splash park in Arizona - which they call "Spray Pads".

Carter did not want to play, he only wanted to watch the boys play basketball.

It was so dark, this was the best picture of hand holding I got. They stood there holding hands, watching basketball for quiet a while.

After much coaxing, he began to play.

Then there was jumping . . .

and running. . .

and swinging. . .

They had a lot of fun together.

But in the end, all he wanted to do was play basketball, and watch some other boys skateboard.

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  1. Is this the park across the street from Clemente Ranch?