Thursday, October 6, 2011

Talking & Singing

Carter loves to sing. When he wakes up in the morning I can hear him singing to himself, in the bath, and in the car he sings to himself. It is pretty cute. He can sing the entire alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle, & Itsy Bitsy Spider. I am amazed at how much his brain absorbs and regurgitates!

Carter now mainly calls us by our first names. There is not much I can do about it. I can't force him to call me "Mommy". I don't know what was wrong with "Mommy" either. Yesterday at a playgroup he was in another room calling me to him using my first name. I tried to correct him on it and he became more adamant that he call me Lisa. This is a video of a typical morning or after nap scenario. Carter is screaming for "Dawid" to come and get him:

Mostly what I hear all day is "Where's Dawid? (answering his own question) Oh, Dawid at work. Dawid come home and kick-a soccer ball!" I keep telling him that I don't know who David is, and I only call him "Daddy" around Carter. Hopefully he grows out of it. At home I can give him very little attention regarding it, but when we are out and people see a toddler call his mom by her first name, they all snicker and it really fuels it.

Carter was never much of a reader. He always tried to eat the books. I really wanted him to love books. He is just now catching on!!! I have cropped these videos down quite a bit, but there was no prompting at all. I did not read him the stories ahead of time, or give him hints. He has excellent comprehension skills. I never though to tell him that Humpty Dumpty cried when he fell off the wall.

While we were in Arizona - which I will post about soon!! - one of my aunts taught him a cute garden rhyme involving a teddy bear. I bought this book and found it in here. He was pretty excited to find it. You can see how excited he gets when he sees the "Garden". I actually cut the part out when he grabs the book asking about the "Garden" story. Watch all the way to the end where he tells me to stop singing to him. He has started really telling me when he doesn't want me to do something.

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