Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allergy Testing

This morning Carter went to the doctor and was tested for allergies. He has a sensitivity to milk, I knew. However, something that I can't pinpoint is causing him digestive havoc. He was a very good boy at the doctor.

They scratched his back 16 times with various foods - Bananas, Oranges, Wheat, Corn, Peanuts, Eggs, ect..
He only reacted to the Milk - and to the control substance.

Then they sent us down to get blood drawn. They drew 5 1/2 adult vials of blood. Maybe 5 1/4. He was a trooper. He barely cried. He kept pointing to the needle in his hand saying "Airplane!". It did kind of look like an airplane. Then he decided that he was "All Done". He cried a little - no tears - and then said "All Done" multiple times. He stops crying when he says that. At one point he was even laughing. I was playing a game with him and he thought that was pretty funny. They were so impressed with him and how well behaved he was. The lady that was assigned to take his blood had to get somebody else because she couldn't stand to make him cry. Then, when he didn't freak out like she thought he would - she was in awe. She couldn't say enough about how well behaved he was. She said it is a reflection of David and I as parents. I think I am a little too high strung to be responsible for his easy going attitude.

Here is his "Band-Aid". It only lasted about 5 minutes before he had it off and in his mouth.

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