Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gluten Free

Carter's allergy test via blood came up negative for everything.

I have eliminated every allergen that I can think of - except wheat. I have decided to go one step further and take gluten out. I figure, it can't hurt him for 2 weeks - as long as I make sure he gets enough vitamins.

I went to Fred Meyer, Nature's Market, and Haley's Corner Bakery. The only thing I had to change was the noodles in his meals, and his snacks. I bought fruits and vegetables like normal along with bread, noodles, crackers, a different brand of "Cheerios", and a couple snacks. I also bought the soy yogurt to replace the dairy that he also can't have. Overall it cost me $45.75.

Day 1 - didn't go so well. He didn't want to eat. I replaced the pasta with rice today. No go. He loved the Hazelnut crackers that I bought, and the pieces of gummi worm I used to bribe him to eat bites of lunch. But, he was not excited about eating and probably went to bed hungry. He said he was "all done", and I can't force him. Oh well. We'll try again tomorrow.

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