Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daddy's Little Helper

Today we went to the children's museum to wear Carter out so he would take a good nap for the wedding we went to today. Unfortunately, he never fell asleep. He talked to himself the entire nap time. So, we went out to Buckley on no nap. Carter was AMAZING. I brought some toys to distract him during the service. He only needed the phone and the Cheerios:

But what he really wanted to do was help Daddy take pictures. Daddy let him carry some stuff around. Carter was more than willing to help:

Carter had a ton of fun. He got to play with his cousin Brylee. They ran and chased all over. This is Brylee hugging Carter:

Uncle Daniel Carter caught the garter:

Then he went out on the dance floor with the ladies, and the bride taught him some fun dance moves:

Then he got the garter stuck on his face:

 He got into somebody's wine - thinking it was juice. I was just a little too far away. I ended up spilling it all over him trying to get it away from his mouth. Then he wreaked of alcohol. We changed his clothes. 

He found a tractor. He was in heaven:

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