Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gluten Free Day 3

This morning we woke to a nasty blowout. One that resulted in a shower - typical of our struggle. Carter wakes up and says "I need a shower". He says that every morning. Most days he does need a shower. Baths just don't work anymore. However, Carter's door did not get shut all the way while he was in the shower, and the dog got in and helped clean up the rest. I do hate rinsing out his clothes, but I don't hate it that much.

Today we went to the Ballard Locks with our church playgroup (We also went to GasWorks Park in Seattle, and the Fremont Troll just the three of us.). We all had lunch in the fish ladder viewing area (I have pictures, but I will save them for a post later in the week. This post is about Carter's diet.). He did not show any desire to eat anybody else's lunch. He was pumped about this new bread and the soy-nut butter. He ate his sandwich and some hazelnut crackers again today. I tried the rice chicken vegetable thing again for dinner. No go. So, we had another sandwich for dinner. I need to learn how to make gluten free bread. It will save me a lot of money.

Children's Hospital called. They got a referral from my doctor. I was on hold for 13 minutes. I chatted with the woman for about 13 as well. I figure, I am going to get my time out of her. It paid off, because she squeezed us into an appointment on Tuesday. They are booking out into September, with one appointment the very end of August. David happened to be off that day, but I didn't want to wait that long to get in. So, I took the appointment for Tuesday. We are going in for a consult. They will probably tell me that it is silly to avoid gluten or wheat until they tell me to, just like the doctor and the allergist did. The doctor also told me it was silly to avoid dairy. Well, the allergist proved him wrong. But I am the mother, so nothing I am doing to protect my child is silly. If it works, it will have paid off. If it doesn't work, no harm done.

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