Monday, July 11, 2011

No pictures for this post

I have to brag somewhere!! My dogs have been very productive hunters. One of them caught a mole on Saturday. I was ecstatic! I did take pictures, but didn't think that you all wanted to see them. Then this morning I was showering Carter - his preferred mode of cleaning - and David came running in to tell me that he thought Blu had a mouse. I went out there, and sure enough she had something. We researched it and determined that it was a Pigmy Shrew, more of a mole than a mouse. In fact, not a rodent at all. Shrews are insectivores. They live in the mole tunnels. They are destroying my vegetable garden!! David took the dead shrew away from her so she wouldn't eat it. I went back out after Carter's shower, and she had another one. David disposed of that one as well. Then she had a third (which got away. She was too close to the fence when she dropped him to play with him). Vortex got the fourth - before Blu took it from him. And Blu got a fifth before going in to take a nap.

We at first thought Blu just found a nest of babies - sad. However, they were from different parts of the yard. I am hoping that the reason they were all above ground can be attributed to my digging up their mounds and filling them with dog feces this morning. You are supposed to find their main tunnel and drop stuff in there. You are also supposed to use cat feces, but I just didn't have any of that handy. I also thought it a bit odd to go to my neighbors and ask for their cat waste.

However they came above, I am super excited that we have disposed of so many!!

Next venture - renting out my dogs to dispose of your Pigmy Shrew problem.

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