Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 6

On Wednesday, we went to the park and saw Caspar Babypants in concert. Not his first Caspar Babypants concert, but the first one he was a little young for. Today he said "I have Googly Eyes!", out of nowhere. He is getting quite the good memory.

This is the song he is referencing:

Today the thermostat said 90 degrees. It was HOOOOOOOT. Carter got to play outside. He figured out how to climb my kitchen door. This is how tall he is:

This is how tall he is standing on a trim piece on the door:

 I scored big time yesterday at a garage sale. I bought a Power Wheels car and a tricycle that has an adult handle to push it for $3 each. They were pretty clean too. Alas, the Power Wheels car didn't work. I asked about all the pieces too. I had to wait for 10 minutes for the nice lady to find the charger that went with it. They had a handful of larger Power Wheels toys, so it was amazing that they still had the charger to this one at all. David got home from a day at the race track around 10:30. He worked on it until 12:30 in the morning. He took all the power connections apart and tested them with his volt meter. The connections were corroded, especially the ones in the buttons. He cleaned them and made it as good as new.

There is a parent handle with a button on it, and a button on the steering wheel. Carter insisted that he have his sunglasses on. Funny, because neither David or I were wearing sunglasses. He had to run back to the house to get them. He even knew where they were!! I couldn't have told you that. We drove about 2/3 of a mile. Carter gave up half-way. He tried to push it the rest of the way home.

Next time we will take the trike:

Today during Family Home Evening, Carter sang along with us. He literally sang "La La La" while we sang our song. He correctly identified Jesus in a picture (The first time doing that was at his cousin Brylee's house two weeks ago on the 10th).

So, on to his diet. We had a success and a failure today. David made a gluten-free meal for the two of us that we could "share" with Carter. We just happened to be out of noodles, and the sauce that he was going to use said it was gluten-free. So, we had rice, chicken, peppers, and sauce. It was yummy. Carter sure thought so:

He was feeding himself like this. It looked like he was flying an airplane into his mouth.

Now for our failure.

No this did not happen today. This happened a couple weeks ago. David and I were getting ready to go to a cousin's baby blessing. We were packing snacks. I accidentally left the pantry door open, and Carter grabbed a bag of chips. I NEVER let him eat chips. He was walking around the house with this bag saying "Yum Yum". It was too cute to not take a picture of. What followed was a MASSIVE fit over this bag of crumbs.

I took special snacks up to nursery. Unfortunately one of the leaders didn't know that Carter was on a special diet. He gave Carter a handful of fishy crackers. I don't think it will set us back any, but we'll see. We also had 2 diapers that were the entire weight of my child gross - to say the least. It does not appear as though we are having any breakthroughs yet. Unless you are talking about the poop breaking through the diaper, then we are still having lots of those. 
I will tell you, it takes twice as long to shower a kid smeared from top to bottom with poop when you are already dressed for church.

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