Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Children's Hospital Visit

Day 7 of our Gluten free diet has not shown many improvements. However, David pointed out to me that although his stools haven't firmed up a considerable amount - the sand is GONE. I realized that I haven't seen the sand since we started this diet. That is a relief.

We went to see a Gastroenterologist today. He was much more thorough than the allergist. He looked at my notes of what Carter had been eating, and through the ingredient list of his food. He said it was a Gastroenterologist's dream. He said he almost never sees a parent so on top of their child's diet, with such healthy foods, so well documented. He said it multiple times.

He did a rectal exam that lasted about 15 seconds - in which Carter didn't complain at all. He just laid there frozen. Then after reviewing Carter's diet, he said he didn't see anything that we could take out to relieve any of his symptoms. He concluded that Carter's bowel functions are normal for a toddler, and they will thicken up eventually.

He gave me a couple of reasons for this occurrence. The most likely is Carter is not chewing his food enough, and therefore it is going right through him with his bowels unable to absorb it all. He told me to add Metamucil to his diet (which he pointed out is Gluten Free) and give him more pureed foods to help him absorb more nutrients.

I asked him about the Gluten free diet. He said that he didn't think there was a chance that Carter has a gluten problem, and if he does have one that is going undetected it will not likely harm him with the diet that he was on before we started his new diet. He suggested that we try it out for a month to see if we have any improvements. He said that if it doesn't work, we can easily go back with no harm done.

He was very supportive of me as Carter's mother making decisions for him and his well being. Unlike the Allergist, who was more interested in getting us in and out and going off the test results.

We'll finish up and see.

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