Friday, July 8, 2011


Carter has a new love. The Football is out - Basketball is in. EVERY TIME he sees a basketball hoop it is a fight to keep him away from it. Because there are two basketballs in the church gym, he thinks that basketball hoops come stocked with balls. He talks about it the entire way through church (He can see the hoop stored on the ceiling during our meeting.) We went to the park yesterday. The only thing he wanted to do was go across the street to the school basketball court. He tried to run out into the street twice. I caught him slipping through the rungs on the fence to get out of the park. And, he flat out ran from the playground when he saw that I was distracted. He screamed the whole way home "B Ball B Ball!!!". He yells every time we pass a basketball court in the car! 

I decided that I needed a basketball hoop for this little man - for my sanity and so he didn't explode. I went searching on Craigslist. However, David made the mistake of stretching his arms like a hoop while Carter had a ball in his hand. Daddy was now a basketball hoop. He could not escape the screaming toddler and the ball in his face. He put together a hoop using the things we already had around the house. Don't ask me why we had all this stuff I would like to know myself.

With much discouragement NO training whatsoever, he seems to be a pretty good shot:

And excellent form - obviously left handed.

Michael Jordan, move over. Wait, did he already do that? Can you tell we don't follow sports?

Vortex tries to do this with tennis balls. Carter is much better at holding two balls at once.

He even sleeps with his basketball. SCARY!!

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  1. Congratulations David! That is an awesome hoop. We got a little tykes one one sake for $20 and the boys love it. He looks like such a pro.. What a relief for you!!