Monday, July 25, 2011


Today Carter grabbed a piece of metal shelving that I use when I sew as a straight edge. He has been trying to sneak it out of my sewing area that is also the office for quite some time. Today he succeed. I heard some noises and walked out to find this:

I didn't know that my child was so into singing and dancing. Please ignore the stool on the table. I had set it up there to take video of us playing basketball, I just hadn't taken it down yet. He was saying "Wooo Hoooo" every time I made a basket.

I think my favorite part of the video I took was how distracted he got a the ball.

It brings to mind another video:

Carter and Lydia reading today. Grandma Hammond made Carter quite a collection of fabric books. She also made Lydia a couple too. 

I found him like this today in his bed. Sock in his mouth and on his hand.

Day 7.

He still does not want to eat my food. He ate very little rice and chicken today. I think he gets frustrated that there is so much chewing. But, he chews the sandwiches just fine? 4 yucky diapers today. No blowouts!

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  1. So frustrating about his refusing to eat. Andrew is our picky one, and it is no fun to throw out food. Glad the diapers are more contained :). Sometimes I wonder why we buy toys for kids when they are so entertained by household objects!